1. Mugu Beach

The last beach after the big single rock, very close to the water, seen westerly from the sea, where the Pacific Coast Highway slowly leaves the coast There take often place film shootings and it is a stop for many car drivers. The Mugu Beach right after the rock is a parking possibility and suitable for many kinds of sports. Right next to the Mugu Beach is the big demarcated area of the US Marine. There are airfields, missile bases and the beautiful Mugu Lagoon there.
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2. Little Street Beach

A small street beach between Mugu Beach and Thornhill Broome Beach There is a parking possibility next to the street. Suitable for a fast and quiet swimming pleasure.
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3. Thornhill Broome Beach

Big beach for having a swim and a picnic, parking possibilities for cars and trailers, very suitable for campers and for people who are on the way through In the background is a huge sand hill, where are surfboards frequently tested.
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4. Sycamore Cove State Beach

This beach is excellent for campers and for having a picnic as well as for families with kids who like to play with stones. In the background is a camping site. There are car parks there.
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5. Deer Creek Rd Beaches

Three different beaches, almost one next to the other one right on the highway below Deer Creek:

A medium sized, a small and a bit bigger beach frequented by a few bathers. 
The third and last beach is situated right next to the Deer Creek Rd, which leads into the mountains, where are a few private residences.
You can stop your car right next to the street.
Excellent for a quick bath: stopping, getting out of your car and jumping into the water.
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6. Big Street Beach

This beach is a bit bigger and it is situated right next to the highway between Deer Creek and Yerba Buena Beach. Very popular among surfers, parking right next to the street, a few bathers and a beautiful beach.
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7. Yerba Buena Beach

A small beach west of Malibu and below the Yerba Buena Rd., where you can see the first houses built right next to the water. Actually private, but many people go there for a walk along the few interesting beach houses.
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8. Ventura County Line Beach

A biker gathering . The restaurant “Neptun” is in the background. Surfing and having a picnic on the beach, countless photo addicts and curious people There are mansions and neighborhoods further in the background. The beach is rather less suitable for swimming but very popular among surfers.
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9. Dogs Beach

I call it Dog Beach because it is the only beach where dogs are officially allowed. On many beaches dogs are officially forbidden although people don´t mind. The beach is very stony in the beginning but slowly turns very sandy and beautiful. It turns into Leo Carillo Beach at the end. It is suitable for children and people who like to play with stones. Surfers have discovered this beach, too. Access is possible from the car park (including parking ticket and automat) above; suitable for dog owners.
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10. Leo Carillo State Beach 2

Very long beach right next to Leo Carillo Beach 1 (seen from the west), access right through Beach Access Rd. from Pacific Coast Highway, many parking possibilities This beach is sandy and clean. These 2 beaches are separated by 3 small and beautiful bays in which lay big stones; suitable for photo shootings.
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11. Leo Carillo State Beach 1

I have separated these 2 beaches because they are very different. There are many parking possibilities along the Beach Access R.d. There is a camping site in the background. The beach is very stony. You can meet many surfers here.
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12. Nicholas Canyon County Beach

Right after Leo Carillo State Beach, fishing, picnic tables, suitable for the disabled, toilets, showers, surfing, swimming, paid car parks and a snack bar.
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13. El Sol County Beach

Three beautiful private beaches directly next to each other. Are very difficult to reach laterally from Nicolas Canyon beach or El Pescador beach, due to low tide and flood.
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14. El Pescador Beach

Beautiful beach with a car park (subject to charges) above You only can get there on foot.
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15. La Piedra Beach

Right after El Pescador State Beach, car parks above You only can get there on foot, too.
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16. El Matador Beach

There are more 2 private beaches between Piedra Beach and El Matador Beach. You can get to Matador Beach either on foot from above down a huge metal stairs or from Lechuza Beach. There are car parks up there. There are e few rock hunks on that beach. You can go through or hide behind them; especially suitable for children for playing.
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17. Lechuza Beach

One of the most beautiful and quietest beaches of Malibu, situated between EL Matador Beach and Broad Beach
You only can get to Lechuza Beach through a small access from Broad Beach Rd. above.
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18. Broad Beach

A long beach built on with houses and mansions.
There is a newly made access to the beach. You can get there from Zuma Beach, too.
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19. Zuma Beach

Biggest beach in Malibu, well extended, parking right next to the beach possible
Swimming, surfing, fishing, diving, volleyball courts, toilets, showers, paid car parks and a snack bar.
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20. Westward Beach

This wide beach is right next to Zuma Beach and well accessible from the street. There are car parks right behind.
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21. Point Dume – Pirates Cove Beach

Point Dume is the center of Malibu with the below situated Pirates Cove Beach. You only can get there on foot or from Westward Beach or from above from the Bird View downhill (quite difficult). This beach has a small pirate bay, which is popular to be visited.
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22. Big Dume Beach

A very long beach which is only accessible from above from Clifford Dr. downhill or from Paradise Cove Beach. In between is Little Dume with its 3 private Riviera beaches. This beach is beautiful but very windy most of the time. This fact makes the beach less attractive because people get the impression to stand in a sandstorm in the middle of a desert. On the other hand this beach is very well suitable for a beach walk with small obstacles in nice weather.
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23. Little Dume (Riviera 1,2,3) Beaches

3 private beaches, only accessible on foot from Dume Cove Beach right to the left or from Paradise Cove Beach right to the right because there are only 3 closed private accesses here, which are partly guarded. These 3 beaches, called Riviera 1, 2 and 3, are among the most beautiful beaches of Malibu. They are very popular among surfers, too.
Beach Video Riviera 1
Beach Video Riviera 2 & 3

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24. Paradise Cove Beach

Tourist trap, an overcrowded beach and expensive car parks.
There are restaurants, a bar, lawns and beach chairs. A complete renovation of the whole beach would be necessary. Unfortunately the beach is not anymore what it used to be. Yet the food looks nice and tastes well, even concerning the prices.
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25. Escondido Beach

This beach is situated right next to Escondido Beach Rd. Above is the well known Geoffrey`s Restaurant, where you can eat very well. There are 2 beach accesses, which are not always open.
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26. Latigo Beach

This beach is situated on a private street parallel to the highway. There is the large housing area Tivoli Cove Condominiums in the background there. There are (partly) apartments for sale and to rent. The beach is rather less frequented by bathers.
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27. Corral State (Dan Blocker) Beach

A beach right next to the highway, where everybody has access to.
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28. Puerco Beach

The Malibu Rd. lays parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway. West from Malibu Rd. is a bigger beach, where you can go by car. From there towards east you can walk about 3 kilometers along countless mansions on the beach until the Malibu Rd. goes into the Pacific Coast Highway again. At this point begins the Malibu Colony Rd., which also goes parallel and leads directly to Lagoon State Beach. The whole stretch is built on with mansions. There are 4 beach accesses which are sometimes open and sometimes closed. In the west begins Puerco Beach and later turns into Amarillo Beach until the Colony Rd. begins easterly. There is Colony Beach. This beach is only accessible from Lagoon State Beach.
Beach Video Access 1
Beach Video Access 2
Beach Video Access 2

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29. Amarillo Beach

Situated below Malibu Bluffs Park, 2 accesses, less suitable for tourists.
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30. Colonny Malibu Beach

Private beach, only accessible from Lagoon Beach if there is low tide.
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31. Lagoon State Beach

A nice place to walk for half an hour and watch water birds. There are car parks at reasonable prices. The beach is stony and partly sandy. There are a few surfers there most of the time but there are better beaches for bathing.

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32. Malibu Surfrider Beach

The beach is right to the left and to the right of Malibu Pier. There is the hotel „Malibu Beach Inn“, too.
The beach is less beautiful and completely overcrowded.
Swimming, a lot of surfing, fishing at the pier, toilets, showers, car parks at reasonable prices, snack bar next to the street and on the pier.
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33. Carbon Beach

A very long beach with access in the latitude of the Pacific Coast Highway 22126. The beach begins westerly, right next to the Nobu Restaurant, where its access is, too and ends easterly, where the Carbon Canyon Rd. comes from the mountains.
It is a clean, small and beautiful beach, but situated right in front of the city mansions.
Suitable for long beach walks.
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34. La Costa Beach

Situated right below Rambla Vista. There is only one access through a lattice gate. There is the private La Costa Beach Club. You only get in there for a fee. Inside is a small beach, providing a children´s playground and a life guard. Beach chairs as well as food and drinks are available. At the end of the beach (seen from east) is the restaurant “Duke´s”.
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35. Las Flores Beach

Situated below the Las Flores Canyon Rd. The beach is small, quite often covered with big stones and hardly passable. There is only one access between the houses on this stretch. Not suitable for tourists and for bathing. To cut a long story short: there is not a lot to see there.
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36. Big Rock Beach

Situated below the Big Rock Rd.
 The beach is narrow, often covered with big stones and hardly passable. There are 3 accesses between the houses on this stretch.
Not suitable for tourists and for bathing
To cut a long story short: there is not a lot to see.
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37. Las Tunas State Beach

The beach is situated right next to the highway and suitable for a quick bath. Besides that, there is nothing else worth to mention.
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38. Topanga Beach

Big and beautiful beach along Topanga.
 Toilets, a snack bar, life guards and car parks available, playing possibilities, suitable for children.
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39. Castellammare Beach

The beach is situated next to the highway below Castellamare Dr. and right at the end near the restaurant “Gladstone`s”. It is the last beach, easterly seen from Malibu. After that beach begins Santa Monica.
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